Personal transformation

Leave behind the distractions, noise and stresses of the third dimensional world and step into spiritual refreshment and renewal.

Create space to connect with your spiritual health.


Our local events allow for presence, reflection, connection and nourishment of the soul. Inner transformations will occur as you set this time aside to be in quiet, rest and solitude with your inner divinity.

Create some space and distance between your self and your busy life, so that you can focus on your own wellbeing and spiritual health. It’s a break for the heart and mind, a safe place where you can step back from the doing-driven world and find the freedom to open up to yourself and the universe.

We bring together spiritually minded people to unlock unity consciousness

Through many events like…


Held every Thursday morning from 9:30am – 11:00am, this group is open to anyone interested in learning more about Meditation and Reiki healing.


Held every last Thursday evening of each month from 6:30pm – 8:00pm, this get together is to help you advance on your path to inner peace and finding your inner power.




One day meditation retreat to recharge and expand your awareness through meditation, sound immersion, body and energy alignment. Refreshments provided.

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Our global awakening 

The intention for these events is to share and grow together as a group with no judgment or agenda. We simply come together to create space in our lives for self-healing and love. The group caters from beginners right through to people who meditate regularly and all healing modalities are welcome.

Healing in a group can have powerful results and sharing knowledge and inner wisdom can assist in our global awakening as we come to understand just what this means and how each of us has a role to play in this unfolding story.

“Natalie brings peace and stillness”

Her warmth and joy makes me feel welcomed in all that she does and her meditations lead me to great insight and self discovery.


“It was inclusive for people on all walks of life!”

I did my Reiki level 1 with Nat and wow, she holds space so beautifully and she shares so authentically. Reiki can still have a stigma of ‘woo woo’ and Nat makes it so easy & accessible. I got to meet such incredible people there as well. Ultra grateful & can’t wait for Reiki 2.


Hey, I’m Natalie!

Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master and Teacher, Speaker, Meditation Facilitator.

I’m here to support you to go deeper on your inner healing path so you can move beyond feeling broken and stuck to feeling safe in your body, shift into emotional coherence and transform your story.

I believe energy work and developing healthy self-awareness in your own life is easy. The problem is that us humans tend to overcomplicate things.

After practicing Reiki for 24 years and teaching for over 10 years, I discovered that self-awareness is a skill that needs to be learned, practiced and refined. It’s helped me manage my emotions better, make better decisions, increase my confidence and has improved the way I cope with stress.  

Now my mission is to teach everyday people how to reclaim not just their wellness, but also their inner peace, purpose and joy.

Find inner peace and happiness in the chaos.

When you activate your inner healer, you let go of what’s holding you back and return to your wholeness in mind, body and spirit.

When this happens, you’re able to effortlessly create the abundant life you were destined for.

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