Empower your inner healer.

The Reiki Level Two energy will have a significant effect on your spiritual progression. It will allow you to access more energy in shorter periods of time, send Reiki at a distance and clear the energy in your home. You’ll also work with universal energy to communicate with spirit, addressing ghosts in a safe and effective way that can help dissipate fear held around working with entities. 

This course is set up to learn Reiki in a simple and safe way so that you can feel more confident in your abilities to heal yourself and others. 

In Reiki Level Two you’ll:

  • Understand the Chakra energy system to aid your healing practice
  • Explore your “Clair Senses” and how to tap into each
  • Learn powerful tools to enable you to send distance healings
  • Learn how to clear and raise the vibration of physical spaces
  • Utilise an Emotion Chart to identify emotional blocks within the body
  • Use a pendulum to support your ability to identify and clear energy blocks in the body and physical spaces
  • Explore methods to effectively release present, past life or ancestral emotional blockages
  • Receive an attunement by an accredited Reiki Master, enabling you to practice Reiki with three powerful symbols – empowering, harmonising and connection
  • Understand the professional conduct requirements,  Reiki associations and insurance
  • Receive support from an accredited Reiki Master Teacher with over 20+ years of experience
  • Be a part of a community engaging in discussion, observation, reflection and practical application of Reiki skills
  • Complete one client and one house clearing case study to consolidate your learning


  • Accredited Reiki Two certificate upon completion of ten hours of training
  • An extensive student course manual to support your Reiki practice
  • Vegan lunch and snacks served with Australian-made tea

Course Structure:

Our Reiki Level Two course can be facilitated in two ways. Choose either a one eight-hour day or two five-hour days PLUS attendance to 2x Light Of Wellness meditation groups.  This course is tailored to make up the required 10 hours for the Reiki Association and allows students to integrate the teachings.

Prerequisite: Must have Reiki Level One certificate and 21 days between Reiki Level One and Two training. 

If you’ve completed your first level with another lineage and you’re considering studying with Light Of Wellness, please enquire here so we can help prepare you.

Grand Master Reiki Teacher:
Natalie Ubl Grant