Expand Your Intuitive Channel

Reiki Master Level Three has two parts. Reiki Master AND Reiki Teacher. Reiki Master allows for an intensive shift in your light holding capacity and a heightened access to your spiritual intelligence that supports you in aligning with your soul path. 

If you want to be a Reiki Master without having to teach, you can. Offered in two parts, Reiki Master Level Three and Reiki Master Teacher, you can become a Reiki Master without having to learn the teaching component. However there is merit in learning both parts in the Master levels, as the personal growth of going through the levels is transformational even if you never plan to teach.

In Reiki Master Level Three you’ll:

  • Receive three powerful Master symbols to enhance your own spiritual expansion and support healing treatments
  • Gain a deeper understanding of energy through the Chakra and Meridian systems 
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the aura and its layers to bring greater harmony to the energetic and emotional bodies
  • Get a clear understanding of Colour Therapy and how to use it
  • Learn how to connect with your guides and communicate with them safely
  • Learn about crystals, herbs and aromatherapy to aid a healing treatments
  • Receive support from an accredited Reiki Master Teacher with over 20+ years of experience
  • Be a part of a community engaging in discussion, observation, reflection and practical application of Reiki skills
  • Complete five case studies to consolidate your learning
  • Engage in a powerful ten-day self upgrade process to clear self-sabotaging behaviours and triggers. You will discover how to transform these triggers from self-limiting belief systems to self-supporting experiences.


  • Accredited Reiki Three certificate upon completion of twelve hours of training
  • An extensive student course manual to support your Reiki practice
  • Vegan lunch and snacks served with Australian-made tea

Course Structure:

Our Reiki Master Level Three course is facilitated over two days PLUS attendance to 2x Light Of Wellness meditation groups.  This course is tailored to make up the required 12 hours for the Reiki Association and allows students to integrate the teachings.

Prerequisite: Three months between Level Two and Reiki Master Level Three. If you’ve completed your first and second levels with another lineage and you’re considering studying with Light Of Wellness, please enquire here so we can help prepare you.

Grand Master Reiki Teacher:
Natalie Ubl Grant