Embody harmony on all levels

Seichim is a transformational tool that accelerates both our personal development and skill at energy healing with sounds, symbols that releases deeply held thought patterns in the physical, emotional, casual, mental and etheric bodies.

In Seichim Reiki Master you’ll:

  • Be supported to develop your unique offering for Reiki and observe new healing techniques from an experienced Reiki Master Teacher
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of Seichim energy.
  • Discover the sacred processes used to attune students for Seichim Reiki Level One and Master.
  • Get access to practical teaching templates like scripts, questionings and tasks to support you facilitating Reiki workshops
  • Receive templates and forms for clients, supporting you in providing a professional container for your treatments
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of professional standards set by Australian Reiki Associations which ensure the integrity of Reiki is maintained
  • BONUS: Receive access to all Light Of Wellness digital course workbooks to rebrand as your own


  • An internationally recognised course certificate upon successful completion of training and case study requirements
  • A Master Teacher attunement given upon completion by an Accredited Reiki Master
  • Access to digital copies of all Light Of Wellness course workbooks in addition to a comprehensive source of templates and tools to support you with your unique offering or business
  • Vegan lunch and snacks served with Australian-made tea

Course Structure:

Our Seichim Master course is held over one eight-hour day PLUS attendance to 2x Light Of Wellness meditation groups.  This course is tailored to make up the required 12 hours for the Reiki Association and allows students to integrate the teachings.

Prerequisite: Must have completed Usui Reiki Teacher Training & Seichim Level One.

Grand Reiki Master Teacher:
Natalie Ubl Grant