Unlock and transmute your issues

Have you ever wondered why you fear a certain thing in life or why the same issues keep reoccurring? Are you living with a phobia where you can not pinpoint the origin? Do you have an affinity for certain cultures or vivid dreams of yourself in different times and places? These may be memories from your past lives emerging.

When exploring a Past Life we must understand the notion of Karma.  Derived from Hinduism and Buddhism culture, Karma encompasses the belief that we have each lived many lives. It’s believed that each individual’s incarnation provides specific learning for our soul to grow and evolve. It is also believed that the situations and circumstances of our present life can be influenced by the actions of a previous life. If we do not clear karma from previous lives, we are destined to repeat the same patterns continuously. 

As we’ve evolved we’ve gained the knowledge that the source of our emotional challenges come from past lifetimes. We can now easily and painlessly access them, get to the core of our emotional issues and remove the unwanted karma.  The goal of a Past Life session is to unlock a suppressed negative issue and transmute it, so it no longer has a hold on your energy field. The results are life-changing and can bring closure and resolution, ensuring you can find greater happiness, wholeness and empowerment in this life.

What to expect?

Drawing from a sacred Reiki technique, you’ll be guided through a gentle yet deep meditation journey to open your subconscious. This process allows you to retrieve past memories which may have unprocessed associated emotions. This treatment aims to access the feeling state of a given past life and alchemise the learnings of the lifetime into wisdom. Extracting learning from a past life experience can allow you to leave disharmonious emotions behind and take the teachings into your current life.

Location: Light Of Wellness, Buderim or online via Zoom.  

Timing: 1.5-2 hours (until energetically complete)